"Take care of our children.
Take care of what they hear,
take care of what they see,
take care of what they feel.
For how the children grow,
so will be the shape of Aotearoa"

       Dame Whina Cooper

The history behind Family Support...

Initially "Heritage" was established in 1942. The aim of Heritage was to help fill the void in family life; created by the death of a father in war, or as a result of war. It was strictly a serviceman's organisation, set up to "work quietly and unostentatiously in the best interests of the children and their widowed mothers, and provide a service of guidance and advice" (Bryant, 1988).

Subsequently, it was felt that there was a need in the community for a similar welfare organisation, carrying out the work of Heritage, but for the non-serviceman's family.

On 23 November 1955, a public meeting was called by the Hastings branch of Jaycees; and the result of that meeting was the formation of "Birthright". Birthright (South Canterbury) Incorporated was established in Timaru in 1963 by the Rotary Club of Timaru. The Birthright name was retained until 2003; by which point the services provided had changed to encompass all families (previously, the support provided was purely for sole parents). Hence Birthright (South Canterbury) became Family Support (SC) Inc.